Allow access to your Facebook Page

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When we help you look after your existing Facebook organisation page, we need you to provide us with a one-time access so that we can configure our systems to, for example, post scheduled messages to all your social media and track campaign results.

Below are the simple steps required to add a page admin to facebook. The email address to be entered will have been provided by us when we sent you the link to this article:

  1. From within your Facebook profile, select or open the relevant page
  2. At the top of the page, click on "Settings" (This may also be on the right-hand side in the same toolbar)

Facebook Page Settings

  1. From the list of options, click on "Page Roles"

Facebook Page Roles

  1. Enter the email address as provided in the box and select "Admin" from the drop-down box (by default this will say "Editor")

Facebook Add Admin Email

  1. Click on "Save"

Facebook Save Page Administrator

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